Saturday, July 16, 2011

A scattered account...

....of our last few weeks
(all pics from phone....fuzzy much....hopefully can get my camera back soon )

Our festive breakfast
on the fourth morning in July

We, err more like I was in slow-mo most of the day
....since all the dear little & big feet had left the day before,
from our delightful weekend with a side of T's extended family.
(was almost 300 feet!! :)

That night way past bed time, we headed to watch the always impressive light display in the sky

the littles jumped
as each one boomed..all ricocheting inside of us

I showed them how to oooooh and ahhhhhh over each one (:

we pretended like the display was celebrating Thane's life too
Thirty two years!!

We went ahead and celebrated again the next eve too
with his style of meal...
bowls full of Popcorn
& generous portions of Strawberry Shortcake & Vanilla bean Ice cream
Quite interesting....all the plates were cleaned right up (:
Orrin asks most nights to go camping...
hopefully soon he'll be pleased as punch
--Thane & kiddos washed & cleaned out our vintage Shasta last night
Time to take it for another spin
Thank you Lord for each day you give us with this Man
How we love him and need to show him more

Next up ...Fever came for 3 days...
& then brought
the bumps & grumps

(the Roseola rash)
bumps have left ....hopefully the grumps will follow suit

I kinda forget this stage...well the older two don't really help to discourage the shrill screams, the loud No's & the pounding on anyone/ anything too close...


then just at the last

the Grin comes out


we'll make it through (:

Other going on's ...
-It worked out for me to take a day off out to Tipton and a few other stops with sweet friends
I'll let 2 of them show their perspective and finds as I didn't have my camera

-Now working on getting the next Joyful Mother issue ready for press..hopefully soon

-Office work comes around weekly..

And always mixed in is typical summer life..
-fresh garden abundance.. mmmm! Thank you to T's Dad & Mom
-late evenings working outside
-golf cart rides around the property & down to the river
-water play a great idea from a cousin at the reunion ...Water slide down our hill with a tarp & hose!! How easy is that!

Better get busy today as we are looking forward to friends coming to dinner tonight...

Hope your summers are/have been full of seeking Jesus
and applying what HE is teaching you through each experience.

Go ahead and share ....
i would love to hear how you are praising Him today
..through the good and the hard...
Blessings , b