Friday, August 3, 2012

{H E R F I R ST D A Y} and mine!

*Warning Heavy Picture Post! Enjoy Grandma!

It's been a road I never thought I would be on. I protested, {largely}when we first discussed about schooling.  There is no way I {impatient , messy, and unorganized ole' me} could possibly home educate. That was two years ago.  

 HE had a different plan. Working through my husband's heart HE drew me out.
 Slowly but surely, then straight over to excitedly.
So now we have a kindergartner. Well possibly two. And that is the beauty of it.   

{The excitement was high!The children were up before 7 am!}
They were ready to start RIGHT then, 
but I informed them the morning routine had to be first. 
Oh and of course, Pictures!
5.11 and 4.8

{Note to self:: make this a yearly tradition!} 

Even baby could feel the excitement!
Next picture stop--work table

Mr.Thaddeus must have swiped out her 'Miss' card :) 

"Mama, Take a picture of my baseball school for Grandma!!" Thaddeus says proudly.

ABC charts!
{a new way that helps eliminates that "elemenope" letter!} 
...and using Mama's boxes for supplies, till we find their own. 
{ and now check that off the list.. Orrin & Papa have since picked those up}

Illsa is enjoying the toys all to her self...

....for a little while.

Our day is done!
Now RUN It's time for swim lessons!! 
Horrible planning on my part but it's actually working! This week:)

 I keep saying that I really want to bottle up all this excitement and bring out mid-year.
But. that. is. not. LIFE.
So we are trying to take the good, bad, hard and beautiful as they come,
with my LORD's help! 

Show me thy ways, O LORD; Teach me thy paths. Psalm 25:4