Monday, September 22, 2008

Covered Bridge Stroll

Sunday evening we spent some time with my parents, my brother and his family strolling through this covered bridge and the surrounding area.
My father really enjoys history and wanted to see this covered bridge up close.
It is always funny how you can drive by something many times and almost forget it's there or not appreciate how interesting it is {I have to be careful to not do that to close family, to not take advantage of them "always being there" and show a continuous interest in their lives and their walk in Christ. }

Orrin's finally crawling!! YAY!

{10 + months}

Grandma with Aidan ,Bella & Owen

{Aidan & Owen are looking forward to a new baby in their house!!! Praise the Lord!}

Catching up!

Here are some random pictures from last week

Maebrianna turned one!!!

{Jason& Heather's}

You can't walk by our house with out being seen!!!

We are watching!!! ha ha

Hey it's great entertainment for Bella & Orrin

Ahhh my Latte

We were Plugged in!!

Since the storm last Sunday knock the power out just on our side of the street, our neighbors were so nice to run a cord across the road from their house to ours for the necessities like the fridge,freezer, espresso machine{OK not really a necessity}but.... I thought the fridge would hold for a little to press up some java.{I think we better pay their bill} On Tuesday when my Mom came over we actually keep switching the plugs around so our sewing machines would work and... my Mom sewed up not one but two dresses in no time at all.{and cut out two} Amazing! Thank you dear Mama.

Yes I am addicted!!!

...but I do share! Stop by anytime!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Country Living Fair 2008

Love the green velvet pillow
{Leah do you recognize the floral pillow fabric }
In the CL Craft room decorated for fall
We stopped by at the end of a presentation of
Looked easy and fun

I really liked the brown transfer ware

I always like to pull it out for my table in the Fall.

{McMaster and Storm}
Loved your booth Ladies
Missed getting a pic of the cute FAIR sign they made.

Lola B's Boutique

Sweet booth

They had some adorable Girls dresses.

A few of my finds

After the fair we ran over to Sobo Style as her cute fans advertised,
a great shop! She then told us about a fun fabric store
Sew to Speak right down the road.
I can't believe it's here.
I'm ready to bring God' splendor into our house
and pull on sweaters in the crisp of the day
{only sweaters not coats !!}
Ahh and warm yummy soups & latte's.

Father God, May we FALL into to your arms daily and Meet our Jesus there.
Phil 4:19

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Play Date @ Tamara & Reed's

The Moms
sweet baby
"What the matter Orrin?"
"Forget it..."
".... we are outta here!"
Arabella playing Mommy with Orrin
"Hey Orrin your on my skirt!!"
Relaxing on the Train

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall Virgina Apples & Farms

Fall Apples; fresh to eat, apple cider,
apple crisp, applesauce, apple pie , apple juice etc.
Take your pick!
Last weekend we went to Virgina where my Mom grew up and spent some time with her family. On Saturday we spent the morning at their Orchard's and packing shed. It was so interesting to see the operation. Arabella had so many apples I'm surprised she didn't complain about a belly ache. Orrin was napping at Great Auntie's while we explored the farm.
Rolling up the grading table into the polisher
We help sort the apples. I'm not sure if we helped the
production with our many hands or hindered with our lack of experience
down in the cider trailer
Where the apples drop in.
We could play in here all day
Would you like a bite?
[Caught on film-apple dropping in!]

The Packing Shed
Rolling to the truck to take up to the cooler
Yum Yum
Picking tomatoes
Handmade water wheel

She was soo excited to be on the scary tractor
[If only we could figure out how to get this gator started]

Feeding the horse & goats

Beautiful Virgina