Wednesday, October 17, 2012

one years old...

hey there, ya'll! 
My name is Illsa 
and ..I am ONE!!!


& Mama's in SHOCK! She blinked! 
...yep, I'm pleased as punch about it...

My family thinks I am the sweetest Illsa ever :)

Hi! Hi! Hi!
{in my sweet voice}

 You're still here. 
 Hi is my favorite word!

Do you know I have 3 teeth! 
Yep,that is one of them right on the bottom. 

This is my face to go out and about. 
It's my incognito mode. 

 Are we done yet, Mama?

I'm getting really tired..
I am ready for my morning nap..

I really need my nap!
Fine I'm outta here... 
Oh wait, 
I haven't figure this walking thing out. yet. last tired smile.

* Darling dress made by Marcy for her daughter, passed down to us!

** if interested in seeing little snippets of our life more frequently, (:
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