Wednesday, October 17, 2012

one years old...

hey there, ya'll! 
My name is Illsa 
and ..I am ONE!!!


& Mama's in SHOCK! She blinked! 
...yep, I'm pleased as punch about it...

My family thinks I am the sweetest Illsa ever :)

Hi! Hi! Hi!
{in my sweet voice}

 You're still here. 
 Hi is my favorite word!

Do you know I have 3 teeth! 
Yep,that is one of them right on the bottom. 

This is my face to go out and about. 
It's my incognito mode. 

 Are we done yet, Mama?

I'm getting really tired..
I am ready for my morning nap..

I really need my nap!
Fine I'm outta here... 
Oh wait, 
I haven't figure this walking thing out. yet. last tired smile.

* Darling dress made by Marcy for her daughter, passed down to us!

** if interested in seeing little snippets of our life more frequently, (:
the top of my side bar should rotate the current five Instagram pictures.  

Friday, August 3, 2012

{H E R F I R ST D A Y} and mine!

*Warning Heavy Picture Post! Enjoy Grandma!

It's been a road I never thought I would be on. I protested, {largely}when we first discussed about schooling.  There is no way I {impatient , messy, and unorganized ole' me} could possibly home educate. That was two years ago.  

 HE had a different plan. Working through my husband's heart HE drew me out.
 Slowly but surely, then straight over to excitedly.
So now we have a kindergartner. Well possibly two. And that is the beauty of it.   

{The excitement was high!The children were up before 7 am!}
They were ready to start RIGHT then, 
but I informed them the morning routine had to be first. 
Oh and of course, Pictures!
5.11 and 4.8

{Note to self:: make this a yearly tradition!} 

Even baby could feel the excitement!
Next picture stop--work table

Mr.Thaddeus must have swiped out her 'Miss' card :) 

"Mama, Take a picture of my baseball school for Grandma!!" Thaddeus says proudly.

ABC charts!
{a new way that helps eliminates that "elemenope" letter!} 
...and using Mama's boxes for supplies, till we find their own. 
{ and now check that off the list.. Orrin & Papa have since picked those up}

Illsa is enjoying the toys all to her self...

....for a little while.

Our day is done!
Now RUN It's time for swim lessons!! 
Horrible planning on my part but it's actually working! This week:)

 I keep saying that I really want to bottle up all this excitement and bring out mid-year.
But. that. is. not. LIFE.
So we are trying to take the good, bad, hard and beautiful as they come,
with my LORD's help! 

Show me thy ways, O LORD; Teach me thy paths. Psalm 25:4

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A lighter fare::Asparagus & Prosciutto Melts

***Hello All, I found this in my drafts(from a long time ago)... thought I would still share.

Fresh asparagus is one of my favorite veggies! I was thrilled whenever I moved to Ohio to find Thane's family has a few patches, which they most generously share with us (:

Here is a sandwich melt that I came up with last year when I needed a quick meal one evening.

 * a little tip
[wither picking fresh or from the grocery] ....

 store in a little water in the fridge- stays fresher 
Slices of  sourdough bread lined up on baking sheet
Spread on the basil pesto
homemade would be extra yummy but I didn't have any at the time

or ham works great also

Asparagus cut to size
Steam 3 mins

Place asparagus on top of prosciutto  

Top with cheese. Broil 5 mins.
(I used muenster cheese this time
but mozzarella or provolone would be good also.) 

And enjoy or two or if like me, three (:

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A spring day in the yard

It is that time again . 
when the surroundings around our house need a little. get in the dirt. work.
 Everyone helped to an extent...
 even little miss
 with her new found trick
  It made the work go a little easier to look over and giggle with her
 a old swing T found in the garage was hung 
 what a delight! they thought

What is on your hands Thad-y? 
 See Mama 
 new hope
 messes into beauty
 my little sweet pea again

Sweet day together