Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Time Reflections

We read HIS word...

We baked to bless....

We added some "Christmas feeling"....

We wrapped....

we stressed a little to get everything ready....

We gathered with family....

and we gathered again with more family....

We gathered with friends.....

We enjoyed our little family.....

We played.....

We are learning to hide GOD's word in our heart.....

* Isaiah 9:6....

oops...we taught our kiddos the wrong reference and there is no going back in their minds (:

through it all we


DID you?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


tip. toe
Oh! hello dear ones it has been awhile
I'm stopping in for a spot where I can't misplace my scrap of paper of God's blessings to me
I've started counting them.
like her.
We are in the thankful season but I want to continue on and on and on in the big things and little things ,to the good & the hard times, to where the gratitude overflows my heart to glorify God again and again and again. Here goes....
No. 1 Jesus Christ- My Savior, Wonderful counselor - He knows all of me and loves me still
No.2 "Grace ,Grace God's Grace"..the more I see of my sin, the more precious is HIS Grace
No.3 My beloved husband- so much better than what I deserve
No.4 Our three active blessings - A, O , T
No.5 Intercessory Prayer
No.6 Answered Prayers
No.7 family
No.8 Sisters in Christ
No.9 work even when it take T away for the week
No.10 Little's who keep me company in my big cold bed
No.11 My middle's busted pumpkin---- to Pie!

No.12 the pure delight of my oldest as she got to help

No.13 finding those fall cutters in the drawer from last years clearance

No. 14 the convenience of a store bought crust

No.15 the memory of my Mama's yummy homemade crust

No.16 Just enough whip cream in the fridge left for 4 dollops

Now I know it's not Monday ....Mondays and I were having a hard time cooperating ...So I'll just pretend I'm early.
holy experience

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faces of Little Thad

Hello my name is Thaddeus.
I am 6 months old and
these are my many faces....

Silly boy

Deep Belly Laugh Boy

Distracted by my siblings boy

yo I can drool

and I am a suck my lip boy

I am even a "turn up my nose- boy"

pure sweetness boy

two or one hand chew....


I can even be a show you my tongue boy

yes I am a raise my arms kind of boy

Oh here a up close boy

Lastly I make sure my mama knows(quite often) I am a mess up my clothes kind of boy (:
Dear Little Thaddeus, We drink in each expression you give to us. We thank our Lord for sharing you with us. Most of all we want you to become a boy of God. Your face now shines expressions that could only be made from HIM. May your face as you get older Shine from KNOWing HIM, Jesus, our Savior.
Love, your Mama
* hope this is enough to please you dear aunties for awhile(:

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mrs Spontaneous..I have missed you...

Lately it seems with our 3 little darlings I have to plan every detail just get through the day or to walk out the door with out falling flat on my face.
It is good for me to learn how to plan... I know but Saturdays like this last one was like eating a bowl of warm soup on a chilly day or reading 1 Peter 5:7 when your feeling like no one cares .. Just warms you up inside.
So here's the details.
Saturday plan was:
sleep in ...just a little...
Go to open house at greenhouse to buy flowers for pots.
kiddos outside with their Papa(Thane)
Grocery. -on a Saturday !! I know bad idea anyway (:
Finish Cleaning house.
Finish Laundry.
Make cake for our Mother's day get together.
Plant flowers.
so on and so on
until Thane mentioned the auction at his old school.....
we talked..oh we'll just stop by for few..........
Fly dear plans that make my life tick. fly.
We headed out to the auction..
It was like a reunion for Thane.
Seeing old friends and teachers.
We eyed all the goods.
Loving all the industrial lines of the old school furniture.
Watched the Auctioneers with wonder as their voices carry on..
"Who will start me off...
one dollar bid now here..who will give me two......"
I was too scared to join in or make a sudden movement thinking I would accidentally buy the whole lot of 25 desks
Finally we decided to make the leap and got our own number
# 294.
We still casually observed.
Watching the beautiful doors and transoms sell for a few buck here and there
Seeing the excitement over the delightfully RED lockers
and the first grade teacher getting the winning bid on the amazing vintage pharmacy cabinet.
And then we came across these wardrobes in each of the classrooms...
the watching stopped and the head nods started
the simple door...
the storage.....
SOLD # 294 !!
Soon the hours flew by,
Thaddeus and I wandered
through each room that my hubby had roamed many years before. I was looking for the kitchen to see a large cabinet Kara had mentioned.
It was LARGE, very LARGE ... but that is what we needed with our tall ceilings and long dining room wall for our china dishes . Then I started thinking about how many dollars we would be nodding our head at. Something this big... it surly would be way out of our price range.
I mentioned it to Thane and the wandering continued.
I found myself in the science lab.
Meekly put my bid in on a few metal card file drawers and later some glass beakers that nice dealer "let" me have them.
Chatted with Shannon as we watched in amazement of what sold for HIGH dollar and what was just a few. Love that we are all made differently and all have different interests.
After taking care of my littlest, I decided to go check to see if the other auctioneer had made it to the kitchen.
I peered in to see people removing items!
Asking the closest lady excitedly, "Have they sold in here already?"
What !....Missed it! Oh well.
I went on to find Thane to share the news.
And I found him with his big smirk of a grin.

casually filled until I get the boxes of dishes out.

Here is a few more of our finds

Vintage locker baskets, we got for a few dollars from shop class!

the earlier mentioned beakers

A fun surprise,

the auctioneer added on this cigar box to one of the loots

And the card files

one is to be filled with my recipes

At the end we found some stools, 4 tall and 4 short
and perfect for children.
Our few minutes of spontaneity turn into an all day outing of wonderful memories.
Old and New
Lastly came home to find this beautiful topiary that Arabella & Grandma had picked out for me for Mothers day...
Ahh what a warm and fuzzy feeling day.