Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A lighter fare::Mahi Mahi Tacos

Summer time always brings longings of lighter(easier,quicker...) meals for our family.
I'll start out by sharing this yummy Mahi Mahi Tacos. (inspired by my Dad, he loves fish tacos)
I started out with 4 frozen mahi mahi fillets (any mild white fish works) put them in a baking dish and smothered them with a cilantro lime dressing(left over from a delish salad that I'll share later to appease Joni!!)
OK going back, so if you don't have a fresh cilantro lime dressing in your fridge
this is what you do instead....
First drizzle olive oil over fillets, then sprinkle two or more fresh crushed garlic cloves, add fresh chopped cilantro, squeeze 1-2 limes for the flavorful juice , of course add some lime zest,
and lastly salt and fresh ground pepper to taste .
I baked my for 20 mins @ 350 until white and flaky
[grilling is great also just make sure to marinate at least an hour ahead of time]
then I went looking for my garnishes.....
.....and found an avocado, a lime, a tomato, radishes and of course some cilantro.
( sliced cabbage would be great also... I was out)
I put them on the cutting board and that's when I decided I needed my camera
loving all the vibrant colors

I just got started chopping and my helper quickly came....

* note if you can't tell that is a table knife, wrong side but still just a table knife
** another note- a great activity for your toddlers is to give them some veggies, a cutting board and a table knife/plastic knife and let them chop away. They love it. Then to not be wasteful just add your interesting chops to a pasta dish.
(tomatoes are probably not the best idea unless you like the red splatter look)
This is an activity from an early intervention classroom I use to work in. We would always take the opportunity to teach labeling,color, sizes etc.

avocado greens..... fun paint colors
*and another side note- for those who can't eat a whole avocado in one setting. Don't throw the other half away!! Either bring it to my house, I'll make avocado toast or keep the side with the pit still in it and put it in a sealed bag. It should be good until the next day.
Sorry I guess being as I can't seem to share very many posts these days I'm trying to put all the info/side notes I know in one!!

Prep for tacos all done

"Make your own" style

Mahi mahi flaking and ready

Using the comal given to me by my sis-n-law I warmed the tortillas( I prefer flour,corn is good also) then layered the fish , veggies of choice and squeezed limes over the top.
Need a closer look....
Mango and Strawberry Toss
"our dessert"
Sliced up some Mango
Added some strawberries.
The juice from both fruits made the toss so flavorful that nothing else was needed!

Our meal Complete!
When Thane came to the table he said "that looks good"!!
This is coming from a man who could eat popcorn for dinner every weeknight so I was excited to find a meal that's not to heavy but a balanced one for the rest of us.

Orrin and Arabella munched it right up.

*** If I used my camera during every meal preparation... Dinner wouldn't be served until 9pm!! Luckily this night Thane was home early and occupying the children most of the time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Modesto Farmer's Market

Strolling down 16Th street to the Farmers market in Modesto on a
Thursday or a Saturday mornings was always a favorite time of mine when I lived in California.
Often I would walk down before starting work at Fleur de Lis and pick up a pizza bagel from Word of Mouth for lunch or some fresh flowers or herbs to scatter vases around in the shop.
Highlights of the market for me are...
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Fresh tomatoes before the garden is ready
  • Breads and pastries from Word of Mouth bakery
  • Lemon Cucumbers
  • White peaches & Nectarines
  • Chatting with old friends

Here are a few pictures from last Thursday when I convinced my family we HAD to go!

Thursdays are a little quieter than the weekend but that doesn't effect the bounty of God's fields spread across the tables
All the possibilities of what to make out of these plump ripe tomatoes were racing through my mind!

[above 3 pictures courtesy of]
It is always a treat to stop by the Sciabica's olive oil table. Chat with the sweet owner and see all the flavors . Basil, garlic, lemon, lime,rosemary are a few of my favs
{They also have gift packs which are great gifts}

{Basil and Lemon}
I picked these two to take home with me.
I'm already thinking about a creamy risotto & corn with the basil and some salmon with the lemon oil. Really so many uses
Thursday evening we combined some fresh slices of tomato with the basil olive oil then headed to the garden to see what we could add

We found some banana peppers ready and of course some fresh basil......
then added salt and pepper to taste and a yummy tomato platter is before us.

OH They were soo good!!
soon they will be ready in Ohio --
{R, make sure to share with your family !!! hee hee}

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little moments in California

We are still in California enjoying our time with family but I thought I would still share a few of the pictures we have. Did you see those delicious ripe tomatoes?....Farmer's Market!One of my favorite places to go! More to come