Friday, June 12, 2009

Modesto Farmer's Market

Strolling down 16Th street to the Farmers market in Modesto on a
Thursday or a Saturday mornings was always a favorite time of mine when I lived in California.
Often I would walk down before starting work at Fleur de Lis and pick up a pizza bagel from Word of Mouth for lunch or some fresh flowers or herbs to scatter vases around in the shop.
Highlights of the market for me are...
  • Fresh cut flowers
  • Fresh tomatoes before the garden is ready
  • Breads and pastries from Word of Mouth bakery
  • Lemon Cucumbers
  • White peaches & Nectarines
  • Chatting with old friends

Here are a few pictures from last Thursday when I convinced my family we HAD to go!

Thursdays are a little quieter than the weekend but that doesn't effect the bounty of God's fields spread across the tables
All the possibilities of what to make out of these plump ripe tomatoes were racing through my mind!

[above 3 pictures courtesy of]
It is always a treat to stop by the Sciabica's olive oil table. Chat with the sweet owner and see all the flavors . Basil, garlic, lemon, lime,rosemary are a few of my favs
{They also have gift packs which are great gifts}

{Basil and Lemon}
I picked these two to take home with me.
I'm already thinking about a creamy risotto & corn with the basil and some salmon with the lemon oil. Really so many uses
Thursday evening we combined some fresh slices of tomato with the basil olive oil then headed to the garden to see what we could add

We found some banana peppers ready and of course some fresh basil......
then added salt and pepper to taste and a yummy tomato platter is before us.

OH They were soo good!!
soon they will be ready in Ohio --
{R, make sure to share with your family !!! hee hee}


  1. If all our plants live, I may be sharing whether you want them or not. Last year we had 6 plants. Somehow we ended up with 15 this year!

  2. Sounds good! If you have extra we’ll take them being as that’s all we do is bum off of our wonderful Family! Some day I'll learn how to garden on my own.

    Oh about the sharing... I was actually talking about your first tomato of the season & sharing with T, L, M, m so you don't feel guilty and get a stomach ache again!!! =)
    (If I'm remembering right!) Love you b

  3. that looks like so much funn! :D and so yummy!

  4. Yum. I brought home some Sciabicas with me when I was out there in May...I love their regular EVOO. Soooo smooth and buttery!