Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nesting Christmas Decor....

Here was my thoughts this year on Christmas decor... the less I put up the less I have to take down with 3 small chillins..... but I had to put up at least a little something to have some Christmas feeling around the house.

So here is my before baby-nesting project...

branches & curly willow + white spray paint =

a place to hang all the pictures & cards from Family & friends & a "tree" to put the gifts around.

My Father-in- law looked at me very strangely as I was walking, no more like waddling around the farm picking up branches and cutting evergreen trimmings one COLD day before Thaddeus was born.

A little birdie and nest found here a couple of weeks ago

Wrapping gifts is something I have always really enjoyed. It seems though in the past few years that I am running so behind that I am throwing gifts in boxes & bags and grimacing at the sight, wishing I would have planned better to enjoy wrapping each gift for each special person that is to receive it.

This year ......I had to think AHEAD ....

with baby coming!!!

I had all my shopping DONE before Thanksgiving!!!

So instead of shopping I got started on wrapping.....

and finished the night before Baby joined our family!

Funny how your body just knows baby was soon to come ... I went a little crazy the night before and couldn't leave a single thing out. I HAD to put it all away as my Hubby, Dad & Mom watched from afar... not wanting to interfere with my crazy mission

Added some boyish touches for a dear nephew

I put out Arabella & Orrin stockings

and My Mama helped me by whipping this one out for Baby Thaddeus

Thank you Rachel for the sweater...Reuse...Repurpose...

All the beautiful faces of friends & family hanging on the branches

A beautiful orchid from a dear friend!

The rest is a few more Christmas touches I put out here & there

Of course the beloved manger scene is out and in daily use

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little moments with Thaddeus

First bath shows all his roly poly areas

All clean

Meeting Friends
Haley Jade

Playing "train" with my sister & brother

Arabella & Papa playing babies!
Outtakes from Christmas/birth announcements

We are simply home enjoying these little moments.
{We somehow managed to be completely ready for the Christmas activities before Thad's arrival!!!}
Enjoy your little moments this week as you prepare for the festivities and Remember what Christmas is really about---God's Gift , His Son -Jesus.
He grew from the manger and went on to save you & me!
Praise His Holy Name!

Friday, December 11, 2009

God's newest gift

Thaddeus James



9lbs 6oz


Praising God for this sweet boy
Papa, Mama & Baby are tired but doing well