Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nesting Christmas Decor....

Here was my thoughts this year on Christmas decor... the less I put up the less I have to take down with 3 small chillins..... but I had to put up at least a little something to have some Christmas feeling around the house.

So here is my before baby-nesting project...

branches & curly willow + white spray paint =

a place to hang all the pictures & cards from Family & friends & a "tree" to put the gifts around.

My Father-in- law looked at me very strangely as I was walking, no more like waddling around the farm picking up branches and cutting evergreen trimmings one COLD day before Thaddeus was born.

A little birdie and nest found here a couple of weeks ago

Wrapping gifts is something I have always really enjoyed. It seems though in the past few years that I am running so behind that I am throwing gifts in boxes & bags and grimacing at the sight, wishing I would have planned better to enjoy wrapping each gift for each special person that is to receive it.

This year ......I had to think AHEAD ....

with baby coming!!!

I had all my shopping DONE before Thanksgiving!!!

So instead of shopping I got started on wrapping.....

and finished the night before Baby joined our family!

Funny how your body just knows baby was soon to come ... I went a little crazy the night before and couldn't leave a single thing out. I HAD to put it all away as my Hubby, Dad & Mom watched from afar... not wanting to interfere with my crazy mission

Added some boyish touches for a dear nephew

I put out Arabella & Orrin stockings

and My Mama helped me by whipping this one out for Baby Thaddeus

Thank you Rachel for the sweater...Reuse...Repurpose...

All the beautiful faces of friends & family hanging on the branches

A beautiful orchid from a dear friend!

The rest is a few more Christmas touches I put out here & there

Of course the beloved manger scene is out and in daily use


  1. your decor looks so wonderful! i told mom i wasnt putting out anything this year because bella gets into things worse than any baby ive seen. but several broken things and lots of nos, and spankings later, i think we have seen improvement in her listening. So, I'm glad I did :) all your ideas look so cute!

  2. Your touches were gorgeous. You have such a gift for wrapping.