Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faces of Little Thad

Hello my name is Thaddeus.
I am 6 months old and
these are my many faces....

Silly boy

Deep Belly Laugh Boy

Distracted by my siblings boy

yo I can drool

and I am a suck my lip boy

I am even a "turn up my nose- boy"

pure sweetness boy

two or one hand chew....


I can even be a show you my tongue boy

yes I am a raise my arms kind of boy

Oh here a up close boy

Lastly I make sure my mama knows(quite often) I am a mess up my clothes kind of boy (:
Dear Little Thaddeus, We drink in each expression you give to us. We thank our Lord for sharing you with us. Most of all we want you to become a boy of God. Your face now shines expressions that could only be made from HIM. May your face as you get older Shine from KNOWing HIM, Jesus, our Savior.
Love, your Mama
* hope this is enough to please you dear aunties for awhile(: