Monday, September 1, 2008

Part One::Spontaneous weekend travels

Thane called around 3 and said pack up! Let's go! Off we went to explore where ever our wheels took us {and for some r&r}.We ended up staying in Ohio and went to some beautiful places.
Here is a quick list.
  • Port Clinton & Put-in-Bay on South Bass Island[touristy place ,but fun.We drove a golf cart all over island and explored the country side]
  • Sandusky had beautiful flowers & somehow change the date daily[picture below]
  • Bay Village & WestLake were charming towns I could have taken a picture of every house they were all so pretty. Also there was the cutest little beaches
  • Cleveland was putting on an Airshow so we took in some sights of the Blue Angels. Wow!
  • Akron-
  • Canton-Wishfully peered into the lovely shop of The Blissful[I was so sad that it was Closed, was a last minute idea & so I didn't do my homework properly.]
  • Holmes County just drove through the beautiful country side
  • Granville ice cream stop & ran into a cute store called Green Velvet.
  • Home Sweet Home

[Our camera broke so not as many pics]

It's just a little boat.

Orrin reading the menu!!

on the speedy ferry
Lake Erie


  1. Looks like fun! And it looks like beautiful weather. The last time we took off to Lake Erie on a whim, it rained almost the whole weekend. Glad you got to get away and spend some R&R time with your family!

  2. B~
    what did you think of G. velvet?

    oh so sorry you didn't get to see the blissful, abby is a dear! i would love to go sometime. also, are you coming to CL fair next weekend?