Tuesday, October 14, 2008

{Pieces of Fall around our Home}

A daily reminder on the mantle for me, that this is not only a season to give thanks but it is always a time to give of myself for the glory of God and as this verse perfectly says; cheerfully![I'm,God's still working on that part in me ]

Here is one of the little projects I have been working on lately

A place mat for Arabella and to protect our table [from marks from the spoon]

How to:

  • Find some cute paper[Here is where I found this paper]
  • Cut to a size you wish or use an existing place mat for a pattern.
  • If your paper is thin, cut a card stock the same size to back your paper with.
  • Cover front and back with clear contact paper[like a sandwich]
  • Trim edges of contact paper to look even but not too close to paper where it will come apart.
  • And Voila, let Bella beat away [okay, not really]
    [It is really fun to embellish the place mat also but you have to be careful that it's not too bulky or the contact paper/laminate will come apart.]


  1. Love your fall decor, B.! It is so fun to use nature in our homes and to have reminders of God around us every day.
    Bella's placemat is adorable, what a neat idea!
    God Bless,

  2. Happy fall! Fun to see what you've done with everything!