Monday, November 3, 2008

Fall Leaves {and an end of an "era"}

Our big helper
sorry a little blurry, she was working so fast!

Orrin wasn't too sure about the leaves but Arabella thought they were great

{wreath taken off of my parents door of their "home" in Ohio}
After 5.5 months my wonderful parents went to their real home in California, marking the sad "end of an era." We immensely enjoyed the time with them and are hoping to be with them again around Christmas time. Arabella and Orrin are going to miss their "in person" grandparents. I have said from the beginning of moving away, that we as adults can still maintain our relationship across the miles but with the children you miss out on the daily growth and little things.
{Which has been the whole point to this blog, for all of you to peek in our everyday lives.}
So Grandpa and Grandma check in on us anytime! We miss you already!

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