Friday, March 20, 2009

I called for RECIPES...

{Measuring cup perfect for an espresso shot cup}
Recipes... I can sit all day and browse through cookbook after cookbook. It seems though that the recipes I use the most are from my little box sitting on my kitchen counter. They are so special to me being as each one has been shared by a friend or family member gathered
by my sister for my bridal shower.

When I was walking through a department store over Christmas shopping I came across
this adorable red tin recipe box. I thought it would go perfectly in our niece's kitchen that she has been planning for [getting married in May]. I went ahead and purchased it to find recipes cards later.... well I wasn't able to find any really cute ones that were not to expensive. So I decided to make some out of plain index cards. I had so much fun personalizing them for her and then receiving all of her friends & families prized recipes{i think I need to ask her for some copies, they all looked so mmm good } to organize in the box. Last night was her big shower so I finally got the gift all together for her to enjoy. Being as I had made the cards and saved on some expense, I was able to give her a couple of other items including my Favorite coffee mugs from Anthro. So sturdy, just the right size and not to girly for our men to use.

I'm off to enjoy a White Mocha in my "B" Mug and browse the recipes for supper right now.....


  1. thank you so much for this gift aunt barbara! i loved it so much! idk if you could tell but i had to wipe away a few tears. it will be so funn to use the recipes!!

  2. Aha you do check my page! I wanted to share these a while ago but didn't want to ruin the surprise (: and you are soo welcome it was so fun putting this gift together!

  3. yesss the red box caught my eye and i was lk hey i have one lk that and then i started! ;D