Monday, August 17, 2009

Party Planning

Arabella's 3rd birthday party snuck up on me. I had thought about it a few times but pushed to the back of my mind Now her first birthday, I think I planned out for months... you know first child... first birthday! Big celebrations when you have the time and they don't even remember.... Pictures are great if you back them up!!
So back to last week.... in between normal life, putting a few things up from the garden for our family to eat this winter, going over plans to remodel our new/old house, keeping our current house constantly clean to be ready for a "showing" at moments notice.... I decided I at least better get some inspiration for the party.
I came across these colors Watermelon red, Coral-ly pink, and Aqua in a display of candy. mmm looked yummy and summery. Then I found this post from Jackaroo Love.
Ohh vintage buttons I could do that. ( mind whirling with all sorts of fun ideas)
My plan was to just make the decor from my craft room supplies( I have never shared my craft room because it is normally a disaster... creative minds are not organized minds... right.... oh wait, It has been forever since i have actually created something... so no excuse for the mess but I do have plenty of supplies to throw a party.)
I did want to get some fun napkins and a few more paper products... so I planned a quick trip shopping.
I took one of my nieces with me to help with the kiddos Thank you, Thank you!
Being as I had help with A & O, I was able to scour all the aisles and found the clearance aisle way in the back.
on the bottom shelf....
way in the back.....
this is what I found....

A tiny party in a box ....

for eight children...

complete with a tiny price: $2.98!!!!

ohh how sweet!

...vintage buttons.. Your on hold for another time, This Time I'm taking the easy way out

- which was really hard..i felt like I was cheating... I know silly but back and forth my mind went: easy or original, easy or original....


I couldn't hardly buy napkins (& time) for this price.

Ok so i went ahead and bought two boxes.

One for this week and one for her party with her cousin Annie!

Here is some of the first one!

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  1. aaww looks so fun! I used one of those adorable kits for james' second bday.Martha Stewart made a monkey one and he LOVES monkies! this kit looks adorable though! three is WOW! hope your little girl is blessed with an extra special year ahead