Friday, May 16, 2008

Springfield Extravaganza Here we come

My Mom & Sis Leah are here from Cali & have been wanting to go to Springfield Flea Market for a while, now the opportunity has come !!! Thane & I don't like to miss so I of course will drop everything to go flea marketing. The possibility of pictures to come of the interesting finds.

This is of items we purchase a couple of years ago at a extravaganza when we were setting up for Arabella ( Iron Crib ,dresser for changing table,baby scale)

Items I am Looking for today!

  • Large beautifuly detailed antique Frame (To go over our bed with a fabric covered canvas in middle of frame)

  • Large evergreen topiary (I somehow killed my last one over the winter )

  • Terrariums

  • Pictures of my Savior or Bible Verses

  • Vintage fabrics

  • Vintage ribbons

  • Something Beautiful

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