Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Creative Concealment: Large Baby Items & concealing Paint

So after a week I finally got a little time to share how we conceal a few of our "unpleasantness" in our little home.

This is how it got started, Melissa @ The Inspired Room invited everyone to share[we learn from each other. yes! yes!] their creative concealment's. Melissa so nicely describes this concealing:

I do not believe in house perfection or hiding everyday living. Even if it starts out perfect, I fully expect nicks and dings along the way. I am fine with scratches on my furniture, imperfect walls and even crooked floors. Those are what makes life charming, seeing a house is well lived in. But, sometimes you just don’t want the glaring eyesores to steal the attention from beauty. I don’t think our houses should look unkempt or neglected or have areas that are just plain unattractive (at least permanently!). If we can fix things as an investment in our home, that is great. But sometimes we need to be content with concealing.

Ok Here was my first issue .

1.Everyday Large baby items + small house = tripping & eye sores

first solution

storage behind the couch

Our bumbo,boppy & bouncer all fit.

That is even a love seat[don't look to close it's one of those family heirlooms]

Second solution

under the crib

the exersaucer + a basket of toys [we don't typically keep Arabella under there!!]

When Orrin was smaller I also put his car seat when I brought it inside.

Second Issue

2.Our Kitchen cabinets

We had 4 different kinds of material in cabinets,

  • Metal[which I really like]

  • Particle board or something

  • a cabinet pulled off a construction site[not in the best condition]

  • unfinished ones from Lowe's
    Black Paint + old cabinets= excited bride[wow four years already!]


the chandelier was also painted and white candle things bleached

Also there was stained linoleum which was torn up to reveal wood underneath that was then stained.


[Sorry the before pic is after]

Before = Bachelor's pad

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  1. Wow, you have been doing some major concealing around your place! I was laughing about the baby being concealed...glad she isn't normally kept there! LOL! Great work here, and amazing kitchen transformation, you really did a great job concealing.

    Thanks for being a part of the fun!