Friday, July 11, 2008

Dogwood designs

Re-Introducing Dogwood designs
[to those in Ohio]
We are setting up on
main st,piqua
friday 9-5
sat 9-2
sidewalk & craft sale
Come on over and visit
[we actually have no idea what we are getting in to!!Could be fun, could be interesting ]
Here are a few of the items

Size 5 girl's skirt

Vintage baby bouncer n Blackboard play mat[ chalk included]

I am so excited to find this blackboard oilcloth! Love it!

aprons n lavender sachets n purses n zippered bags n pillows n table linens

Bad Photographer! Who takes a picture of such a sweet apron wrinkled!

one in a hurry

Girl's Skirt


Cute little Bella hand

Blog to come soon[hopefully]


  1. what in the world... holy cow!

    you go girl! who is doing this with you? i noticed that you mentioned

    i passed your blog address onto my sister knowing she will jump at the chance to come and buy from you some time.. and be a bit bummed since she was just there this weekend for the Springfield flea market, and missed you sidewalk sales. when do you open and where is it near, so we'll know how to find it better.

    i wish you well in this new but fun adventure.

  2. Keisha, Yes There is a big "we", my sister's & I help my very talented Mother. We talk thru ideas with her & she does most all of the sewing. love beb

  3. Ahh hah! I got it. Well the three of your, or four or five of you are a Darn Good team, so keep up the good work, creative ideas, and fabulous fabric selections that you continue to find.
    I wish "all of you" well in this new direction and dream.