Friday, December 5, 2008

{Sweet Things:: Berry Pies & Babies}

Who likes pie and babies? We do!!
Today the pies came first{for caroling tonight} then on to visiting the babies!{second time for me but Arabella & Orrin didn't get to meet them last night as they were still in the nursery}
The berries waiting to doused in Creme sauce
Thought I would share my chicken scratch of recipe card
My Mom & I made this recipe up to imitate the good Boysenberry Sour cream pie of the now closed Vella Farms in Modesto,CA
*** WARNING I am not a recipe follower
I just make what strikes me at the moment so if your pie doesn't look like mine do not despair

Heavy Cream, SUGAR, Creme Fraiche
When ever I get to Trader Joe's{one of my all time fav. stores} I like to pick up this delish Creme Fraiche. I put it in this pie or soups, sauces or whatever strikes me at the time...yummy,yum!

My constant little shadow helping stir

The best part being pour over the berries

I want to enjoy some now with my coffee

Good thing my pies seem to always have extra filling to "try out" some!
Don't mind the smudges on the spoon, little Bella hands and mouth had to have some also

For those of you who haven't heard the news
Last evening I became an auntie to not two but THREE babies!
Our God surprised Thane's family { doctors and hospital too!} We had been praying for two babies to come safely into this world but he went ahead and gave an extra blessing of another one!

Three sweet girls
Arabella is Quite pleased to be holding Julie Eileen
6lbs 7oz
Josie Jean
5lbs 15oz

Janie Irene
5lbs 13oz

LOTS of Babies as Bella calls them.
Betsy is the triplets oldest sister


  1. b-thanx for sharing vella farms pie-so miss it... yes the babies last-the pies dont...

  2. Pies & babies!
    How yummy!
    Oh those vella's pies lots of memories! We have tried to imitate and glad you posted your recipe.

    Those babies... even Matt had to tell his co-workers about that amazing story. Not typical Matt!!!!