Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas in our home.

Last year we received this beautiful card.
I loved it and had to save it to use with my Christmas decorations.
The amaryllis is starting to peek out!

A winter bouquet from none other than Trader Joe's

This year it has been especially fun to set up our naivety sets as Arabella is understanding more. One night Thane read Luke 2 and had the children help play out the story of the birth of Christ. Bella is now seeing that it means more than just a play toy.

Arabella showing you her and Orrin's Nativity set .

Orrin loves to just knock them all off the table.

The remnants of black PERMANENT marker on the food. A little girl (no names here!!) wrote on our couch, chair, coffee table, all over her Nativity set and started on the carpet before I interrupted her art work. I don't know what I was more sad about, her disobeying or my reaction of bawling then having loud anger about material things.
How can we change our reactions to responses?
{By the way, Mr. Clean magic eraser works wonders and we have scheduled a carpet/couch cleaning!!}

Baby Jesus is now clean! Are you washed by HIS Blood?

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