Friday, January 2, 2009

Ohio Christmas

We had Christmas @ Thane's parents early, before we left for California.
All of our stockings ready to fill
Finally after a couple of years I got around to making 2 stockings(supposed to be 4 but...) for Arabella & Orrin

The triplets of course were at Grandma's

The boxes are always seem more fun than what is inside!

Sweet Little M

So fun to be with cousins!
The night before we left for California our little family shared our gifts in the kitchen!?......
the carpet and couch were drying in the living room
(the ink came out YAY)
We just gave our children little stocking surprises this year. They receive so much around this time of year that we try not to overload them with so much more.
I was talking to a friend about this once and she shared what her family does. After they have given gifts to one another they then have each child pick out one of their new gifts to then be given to needy children. A hard thing for a child to do yet a wonderful lesson that we need to give our best to God and His people( all people are His people, He is just waiting on them to Choose HIM). I would love to implement this for our little family next year.

Thrilled with her new jump rope

our little cool man

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