Saturday, February 7, 2009

{Fleur De Lis}

Here is another shop for you to peek at.
This is also one of those "must" stops for me when I'm in California.
This shop is dear to my heart being as I worked here for many years off and on
since I was 15 until I moved to Ohio.
I have many memories and so much love for the people who make this shop so beautiful.

Children's area
If you dig a little deeper you will find wonderful monogrammed linens
and vintage tins from France.
Beautiful Glazed Pottery from France

Christmas finery
Always love the fresh greenery and plants.
Many hours of watering in my past(=
Ruth & I at Christmas time.
Ruth has brought a lot of the furniture here from her past trips to France.
One day I'm going to get her to take me to all her old haunts in Provence
{I have been dreaming for a few years now & will be for a few years more until my babies are older !}
A lot of you have probably been in here before but if not make sure to stop in & say Hi!

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