Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Quick Photo Recap of the Fourth Weekend

We headed to Pennsylvania late Friday the 3rd for a family get together weekend.
Here is a few of the pictures that we still have yay!
[Oh to bring you up to speed a couple of weeks ago our dear laptop had a mishap and somehow ended up on the floor!!! "Ouch" said the hard drive and the was the end of it's life including most of our family life and newborn baby pictures. For some reason the last couple of times I had transferred pics from our camera to the computer but kept forgetting to delete them from the camera. Now I am so glad!]

When I walked up to these girls it looked like Bella was interviewing to hang with the "big girls"!!


Sunday afternoon we headed over to Thane's cousin house( now his Dad's side of the fam)
and ended up spending the evening and night with this sweet family.


Ethan & Thane got to share their birthdays again. Both on the 5th

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