Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grilled Salmon on Cedar Planks & Father's Day

OK I know it has been a week already but I still wanted to share our Father's day dinner. I had everybody bring pictures of their Daddy. We ate outside in beautiful weather.
What are you "throwing" on your grill? It is so fun to think out of the box of always good hamburgers and stretch our diets. I tried Salmon, which I marinated in a Garlic Lemon pepper sauce & grilled on 4 hour soaked cedar planks. The planks make a yummy smokey flavor but we made sure to keep our water sprayer handy for those jumping flames.
Minus homemade blueberry cheese cake Ice cream This was our delish meal. I also put the bread in foil on(leave your oven off it's summer!)
3 Generations of Beachlers
[sorry I was unable to figure out how to rotate pic without deleting so for time sake you can look side ways !!!]
Most of all we wish to honor our Heavenly Father! These sweet Children are yours. May we Glorify you as we teach them about what your Son did for us! Saving our souls! Hallelujah!

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