Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a sweet Gift!

Yesterday I was surprised to find a bowl of yummy cherries left on my door step by a dear friend. The simplest gestures always mean the most! Thank you Lisa [ also isn't the tag so sweet!]


  1. Barbara,
    yes, they are for sale! you can click on the blog post. Anything that is in a different color is a link, just click and it takes you to the actual product for sale.
    hope this helps. like your blog woohoo! fun

  2. Hey Barbara...
    found your blog thru mcmaster and storm's. Love, Love, Love the pics of your sweet children! I feel like they're growing up fast and I'm missin' it...even though I'm only 10 minutes away. Take care of them and tell them that their auntie Rachel loves them...but most of all tell them that Jesus loves them! Talk to ya soon!