Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Newest Trick

I don't go to far away during this stunt. Bella would love to push him all the way to the store if she could. It is amazing to see what God puts in us when we are little. Little girls motherly instincts. What ever I do she copies on her babies. Rocking, Feeding, wrapping in blankets, putting in the stroller & then what Grandma said the other day makes me realize all my privacy is now gone [not that I have any thing to hide]. Here's the story. She had one little baby and one bigger baby laying down taking naps, I assume. She pats the little one then walks to the door & shakes her hand at the bigger one. I am guessing "You go to sleep right now!" would be what she would be saying in her emphatic hand shaking. Grandma thought it was so funny to see. What's she going to tell when she really starts talking!!

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