Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Her Kindergarten Class

School had just started the week we were in California. So we got to go see A. Leah's class room.(the cutest kindergarten class room I have ever seen) This is her third year teaching and my personal opinion is that those children has one great teacher who has all the little fun details down!(a little bias I know)The children were at music so we missed visiting them but Arabella got to see a glimpse of what you do in kindergarten.
.....Orrin just ran around....
(Sorry -blurry pictures)


  1. Those sweet kiddos of yours are just adorable! Yeah for school starting!

    :) T

  2. "School had just started the week we was in California." Please review this sentence. This post is about school!!

  3. Dear oh dear!
    Thank you dear "Anonymous" for the tip!
    I think I passed my english classes... maybe... (=

    Blessings on your day