Monday, September 7, 2009

Pacific Coast Day Trip

Saturday morning in California we decided to head to the ocean for a quick trip while everyone(my immediate family) was off work. Leah & I packed a light lunch and then we were off...

We stopped at a favorite little town San Juan Bautista and enjoyed our picnic lunch among the chickens ( across the street from the mission). Orrin couldn't hardly concentrate on eating when there was chickens to go see.

so colorful

a bit too chilly to swim

we stuck our toes in

missing papa

U. V gives great piggy back rides!

We kept finding beautiful mossy rocks....

and these adorable mossy patches.

- wouldn't they look great planted in a little pot

The best shot of my attempt(s) to get a nice picture of the two together.....

a pebble beach

On our way to one of the beaches I found out we were right by an...... Anthro!!!!! It so happened that I needed to stop it! ( really I did--i told my niece if I got near one I would grab her a mr & mrs mugs for a bridal shower she was going to.) So my dear brother & Dad let us girls run in while they went ahead and took the children down to the beach. Thank you V I really didn't know it was there.... i really didn't have a secret agenda !!! love you V.

Beautiful visual displays- of course

{ leah}

my sis-n-law & my youngest sis

loved the natural cotton sticks(? what are they called?) especially against the aqua

.....hmm maybe Thane would let me use a little in our new bedroom......
..... I'm wanting to have some blue.....

....hmm we shall see....

We had a wonderful day just enjoying God's amazing natural beauty all around us and simply being together. Our last stop before home was to grab some yummy-warm clam chowder, of course in a bread bowl -on the Wharf.


  1. What a FUN day! I love Orrin's toes in the 'piggyback' picture- so sweet!

  2. what a blessing to enjoy Gods creation with special family! the kids and i are headed to the beach for a week without "daddy". should be interesting :)