Saturday, September 5, 2009

Meeting Baby Emma Faye

We flew in to California early in the morning. After going to Grandma's and getting re-situated our next Stop was to go see ....

............Miss Emma Faye [3wks old]

Soo sweet

Praising God for your little life.

May He bless you & keep you close to Him always

She is my dear friend Kelley's first baby!

Emma looks a tad worried about meeting these girls...

...And she had every right to be as they were wild..... after being cooped up in an airplane they had to let go......

{Arabella & Maebrianna}

---Orrin was happily playing @ Grandma's s--

My friend Heather & I braved flying with out our hubbies....

we made it ...................2 mamas & 3 toddlers

Finally a still moment!
Now to the present moment... we are home & it looks like this....
We are planning on moving next week into Thane's parents. They are so sweet to be letting us use their little apartment in their walkout basement. So if everything goes well we will be in there until our house is done.
I have managed to schedule a few more posts of the rest of our California trip while I am busy packing! Enjoy & Blessings on your week


  1. hey barbara! this is kelly(harris) hale. i found your blog through someone else's. i enjoy reading about your family and your yummy recipes!! =)
    i was curious, is this kelley brubaker's baby??? i have thought about her so many times and was curious if she has an email address/blog/facebook??? i'd love to say hi!!
    good luck with the house. it will be such a blessing when it's all said and done!! =)
    kelly =)

  2. Hey kelly!! is has been forever!So glad you commented Yes that is Kelley Brubaker's baby(now Bowman)I think she just gave in & signed up for facebook!She would love for you to say Hi! blessings on your day B

  3. thanks!! i did find her on facebook and we spoke thru IM a little!! so great to "see" her again!! =)