Friday, September 11, 2009

{A lovely morning with precious friends}

Instead of meeting at a cozy Coffee house or a restaurant, *(benefit-no children crawling over all the walls...) I invited a few dear long time friends over to my Mom's patio for brunch. Her flowers & the surrounding areas are always beautiful. (unfortunately I didn't receive her green thumb)
The table was set with lovely items
--all out of my Mom's supplies

the coffee was brewed

We made the lavender sachets before hand out of old little quilt squares

I added a verse to remind us to go to our Lord to be renewed

We even made a special plate for Kate

My mom still has a few small sachets available here

I added a sash to a bunch of dried hydrangeas hanging on the swing

We fluffed up the outside pillows

....Arabella helped de-fluff for us....

picked a single hydrangea to put in this delightful metal flower frog of my mom's

Whipped up the spinach souffle'

and some Peach & Mango Parfaits

Peaches fresh from my parents trees-mmm

Spinach Souffle'
Moist Banana Bread
Peach & Mango Parfaits
Coffee & Berry Juice

Yay our guests arrived!!!

Ruth & Tara with Kate

We missed you Connie!

These sweet ladies actually started out as employers....(dear oh dear they better not dig to deep to remember my growing up stage!)

my sister & I started helping Ruthie when I was 13 or 14. I remember many hours of ironing french monogrammed coverlets, rearranging the back room and helping with her boys then eventually working in her shop, Fleur De Lis off and on until I moved to Ohio 5 years ago. Then with Tara's family I started helping them when I was around 15 and babysat many, many delightful times. The same with Connie's family. God made these families into people that I worked for to wonderful Lifetime friends! We may not be in each others everyday lives now but I know that they are always there and I am always here for them.

Enjoying our time together-

my mom was with us also, just no pics! sorry mama

Kate helping with my babies.

was so sweet especially being as I used to help with Kate all the time

Wagon Rides
A lovely morning with precious friends
*and a simple inexpensive one as I only purchased a few groceries for the food and for everything else we used what my mom had around her house.
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  1. This would be a spectacular way to have coffee with friends! Your mom's patio is beautiful, and I just love those lavender sachets! So lovely!!! Have a great weekend...

    :) T

  2. What a beautiful relaxing time...
    You make it all look so effortless :)
    Looking forward to seeing you next week!

  3. What a beautiful way to spend time with friends. Very nice.

  4. Wow, I'm impressed! Beautiful just beautiful. I look forward to following your blog.