Thursday, September 17, 2009

Play date in California and what we came home to!!

On our last day we had a relaxing day with some of my best friends that I grew up with... and our babies... wow this crowd is growing!!!

Andre enjoyed his cupcake

water fun

dear Grady's head is turned & I missed getting a picture of you, Mel

but is was a special treat to spend the morning with you!! love you!

loving on sweet baby emma before we have to say goodbye

my dear besties


we were back in one spot!!

It was so fun to just BE together! Seeing all the places our Lord has brought us to in each of our lives. I pray for each one of you as you continue to grow in Christ. Girls, Continue be in His word daily. Bless and reverence your dear hubbies and teach & love on those sweet children.

especially if auntie barb is not around everyday to give lots of kisses & hugs

And this is what we came home to ... Framing!! I can actually visualize rather than imagine and now zoom to current day. The dry wall is getting put up as I type this!! yay!....except for that means I need to finalize on paint colors... let me say that I always thought I would know exactly what I wanted in a house...umm I don't.... I know what I don't want but can't decide which style I do want. It's obviously an old farmhouse so we don't want to make it look completely out of place but yet be what we like at the same time.

It is just different decisions than with our first house

{ our honeymoon cottage as my dad called it, I will put up a post soon to say "goodbye" to our little town house}

It seems more finale with this house. Intimidating to think that is what we could be looking at for the next 20 or so years ....

and then when I calm down

and really think.....

i realize

no one else is really going to notice.....

{ or at least be as big of a deal as what I'm making in my mind}

which tile/carpet/paint color we went with...


that we weren't able to use the old wide plank floors due to termite damage


that we used new replacement doors instead of the charming old doors for cost & efficiency reasons

{ i really had to let this last one go, I cried...lots of tears... poor Thane}

instead may our home come through as a haven of rest for our family and friends,

a place where we teach our children about Christ and his desire for our lives

a place that shows how grateful we are for the HUGE blessing of this house that

God is providing for us.

* Sorry for all the rambling. I am not a writer. I am a rambler...

**sigh... it sometimes feels good just to let the scambled thoughts come out even if nobody reading can really understand!!

{Arabella posing in her new pocket skirt from Grandma- post coming soon}


  1. oh how I remember...we completely re did E.s
    grandparents home 2 years ago {I was expecting also :) & we had a A.M. deadline} all this was a tad overwhelming...
    I love old houses & wanted to keep true to that..I am happy to say it all came together:)
    but you are exactly right...we often have way to many ideas & forget that the true purpose for our homes is just to honour the Lord thru them!
    Blessings & see you Sat. - hopefully!

  2. neat to hear about the Lord transforming you...

  3. o, the many many family memories that house has that I hold so dearly in my heart, it's hard for me to think it will never be the same place I spent my last few years in Ohio but I no this is for the better and you will make it SO cute! :) (tear)
    I miss you all so much! :)
    Wish I could be there helping you out! :)

    Love you all sooooo much!

  4. If I could count the times someone said "HOW do you manage in your little house?" and I would roll my eyes, and laugh, but inside I was thinking "But I love it here!" I could hear all my babies (even my up-to-my-nose 11 yr old) breathing at night. I could mop my bathroom floor in 2 minutes. I knew where everyone was, and what they were doing, all the time. I know I'll be glad for more room. But to honeymoon cottages everywhere, we love you.

  5. Hi Barbara! Just dropping in to say "hi" and how very nice it was to meet at CL!! Looks like you have a lot going on at home...hope you're getting some rest!

    :) T